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Financial (FY23-24)

In the course of 2024, your steadfast backing has continued to fuel the Nanhi Pari Foundation, propelling us to achieve remarkable milestones yet again, all made possible by your generous contributions. Your unwavering commitment has brought about tangible transformations.

Financial (FY22-23)

Throughout 2023, your unwavering support empowered the Nanhi Pari Foundation to achieve remarkable milestones, thanks to your generous contributions. Your dedication has truly transformed countless lives, leaving an enduring impact on their well-being.

Financial (FY21-22)

In 2022, your continued support made it possible for the Nanhi Pari Foundation to achieve remarkable accomplishments, thanks to your generous donations and unwavering care. Your support made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Education help for underprivileged

(FY 20-21)

The 2021 Annual Report highlights the Nanhi Pari Foundation's vital mission, made possible through the generous support of individuals, foundations, and corporate investors. Their dedication ensures that girls worldwide can manage menstruation safely and with dignity.


In 2020, our commitment to the Nanhi Pari Foundation's mission continued to thrive, thanks to supporters like you. Despite the challenges, together, we achieved substantial progress in ensuring help to everyone possible. All thanks to your support.

ITR ACK FY 18-19

Just as an ITR ACK (Income Tax Return Acknowledgment) seals financial transactions, your continued support from FY 18-19 onwards has been instrumental in sealing our dedication to impactful initiatives through the Nanhi Pari Foundation. Your commitment echoes in the positive changes we've achieved.

ITR ACK FY 19-20

In 2019, our dedication to the Nanhi Pari Foundation's mission remained unwavering, and with your support, we continued to make a significant impact. Just as the ITR ACK acknowledges financial contributions, your support acknowledged the importance of menstrual dignity for girls across the globe.

ITR ACK FY 2020-21

In 2021 similar to an ITR ACK (Income Tax Return Acknowledgment) confirming financial transactions, your unwavering support affirmed our commitment to addressing educational and medical cases worldwide through the Nanhi Pari Foundation. Your support played a pivotal role in our ability to making it meaningful.