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Dear Supporters,

This campaign is to raise funds for needy to distribute basic needs to underprivileged families.

We are looking to help 1000 +families in and around whose finances has been impacted due to various reason.

As everyone is aware of what situations are running outside and many poor people are in lack of food and either essential providing ration and food to the needy.

We are getting a lot and lots of request from many areas for the same.

Your small donation will make a huge difference and definitely brings you a lot of blessings.

We have planned to provide food items like:

Rice, Oil, Dal, Sugar, Spices, Tea Leaf, Atta, Salt, Onions, Potatoes & Sweets.
We trying to help each family with at least 15 days of Ration.

1 ration kit costs around Rs 900

Total cost of Campaign for 1000 kits will be 9 lacs.

We would request you to please come forward and open your soul to feed a soul! You know, opening a wallet is easy … opening your soul and letting others in, well, that is difficult.

Festivals, after all, are above religion! Isn’t it?

We hope you will all come forward and help us feed these people.

Thanks and Regards

Nanhi Pari Foundation.

Our Story

45 underprivileged students need your help!!

Dear supporters,

We Nanhi Pari Foundation has started an initiative where we are trying to help 45 student from Alfa English school which is in Dharavi. A Pre- Primary school for the under privileged children of Mumbai since 2016. 300 children  (orphan, single and slum) are beneficiaries. They work with professional teachers and provide Holistic education to them on a minimal charge of fee 500

We had helped almost around 50 students from this school in the past who directly came to us with an appeal for help for education and school kits. Noticing this School has approached us with great hope for the help of other underprivileged students from their school who are below poverty line and are unable to pay their academic fees.

The children coming to this school are from migrant laborer families, Below Poverty Line (BPL) families, schedule castes, and families whose total income is between Rs. 3,000-5,000. Not surprising then that these children are out-of-school, drop outs, or working.

Thanks and Regards

Nanhi Pari Foundation

Fight With Hunger #joyofgivingweek

Education help for Underprivileged

Dear Supporters,

We Nanhi Pari Foundation has pledged to help these 36 girls child from St Vincent De Paul High School.
These students come from below the poverty line due to which their education is getting affected.

It would be our humble request for you all to come and join hands in our initiative to help them for a better future.

Thanks and regards

Nanhi Pari Foundation

Nanhi Pari Foundation in support of Omkar Andh Apang Samajik Seva Sanstha.

We Nanhi Pari Foundation has started an initiative to support these 800 blind families with Monthly Ration and Education support for their children. There are 800 such blind families from all over Mumbai who used to sell toys, sing songs and beg in trains and at the bus stops. Since the pandemic, their income has gone down to zero. They are in such dire straits and barely have any means to put food on the table for a single meal. While there are lots of charities out there we found these families to be the neglected lot

Details Contents of one kit – Rs 2000:

10 kg aata, 10 kg rice, 5 kg bajra/jowar, 2 litre soyabean oil, 2 kg masoor dal, 1 kg chana, 2 kg salt, 250gm klc, 1 kg poha , 1 kg besan, 1 kg jaggerry, 200 gms lal mirchi, 50 gms haldi, 100 gms jeera, 100 gms Rai, 200 gms dhaniya, 250 gms tea, 2 kg sugar, 1 soap handwash, 2 bathing soap, 2 soap bartan, 2 soap clothes, 2 sanitary napkin, 1 packet rusk, 4 cream biscuit.

Details of Education support

Help in Education Fees
Education Kit which includes:
School Bag
Study Material
School Stationary
School Uniform

There are many more families that needs our support. Please join us in adopting a family with your monthly contribution.

Thanks and Regards

Nanhi Pari Foundation.

*Fight With Hunger*


Nanhi Pari Foundation, the best child care NGO in Mumbai has helped needy people in COVID-19. We distributed dry ration kits, cooked food, water & masks to the people who were in need.

Now we have taken an initiative to distribute 500 packets of meal every day outside the hospital (KEM, TATA & WADIA Hospital in Mumbai) between 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

This pandemic has disrupted the lives of many and the NGOs in Mumbai are helping the ones in need. We all need to take responsibility to help the community in terms of food, water, rations, and daily survival.

Now is the moment to act and assist. COVID-19 is a circumstance we’ve never had to deal with before.

This campaign by the best NGO in Mumbai aims to provide a platform where we can raise funds for these families, provide food to low-wage workers and small businesses, and develop solidarity with other organizations doing similar work.

Hoping for a city and world where no one goes hungry!

Every penny raised from this will be used to donate food, rations, water, and other essentials to the construction workers, homeless, slum dwellers. Please come forward to support it. Any contribution will be of immense help. Do contribute and share this campaign link with your friends and family. Nanhi Pari is one of the biggest girl child NGO in Mumbai that is committed to the cause.

Saving Lives, Building Futures

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Your Gift Today Can Help Change A Child’s Future.



We give awareness programs on health and personal hygiene in slums for underprivileged children, their parents and also in spreading awareness in the schools and slums.

Education Support

Nanhi Pari, a child care NGO in Mumbai is an organization dedicated to bringing about change in India by focusing on basic education, believing that education is a necessary component of social science.


With your donations, we at the biggest girl child NGO in Mumbai have been able to distribute around 150 foods containers every day to the needy families who are affected by lockdown and also lost their livelihood because of Medical Treatment.


An orphanage is a residential institution for care and education. We have tie-ups with Orphanage, through which we support baby girl for her education and care We need your help to reach people with the help of your donations, as more people in need have come out of Mumbai.

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Nanhi Pari Foundation’s mission is to save the girl child in India, and saving girl children is a major step to develop any country and the whole world. We, at the best NGO in Mumbai, are all aware of the status of girls in the present scenario in India. Our mission is to change this situation in India and help our children elevate themselves. As a child is the most beautiful creation of God, we should do all to protect and help them. A girl child is the mother of future generations. If we continue to kill the unborn female fetuses we are not only sinning in the eyes of God but also quickening the end of the human race.


  1. To bring about social awareness and affect a positive change towards Girl Child Education, Health & Survival & Other Major Diseases.
  2. To provide education to the girl child and thus make her economically self-reliant & work till lasting changes in her life.
  3. To promote equality for girls in terms of gender, education, and other opportunities.
  4. To work towards the all-around progress of the girl child at all levels.