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Empower financial-challenge students across Thane Block & Beyond with the necessary tools for education. S. Nijalingappa Kannada High School, Ambarnath students’ needs your support

Nanhi Pari NGO for Girl Child Education in Mumbai

Project name - Gift a school

School details :

S.NIJALINGAPPA KANNADA HIGH SCHOOL was established in 1967 and it is managed by the Pvt. Aided. It is located in Urban area. It is located in AMBERNATH block of THANE district of Maharashtra. The school is N/A in nature and is not using school building as a shift-school. Kannada is the medium of instructions in this school.

Donate for child education in India

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Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child. Other than this we work for early symptoms & Causes that are responsible for Heart Disease, Cancer & Other major diseases. It is an independent organization that is an NGO for education in India for girls, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations.

Nanhi Pari is an organisation dedicated to bringing about change in India by focusing on basic education, believing that education is a necessary component of social science. In keeping with this approach, our volunteers participate in and support secular projects with an educational component. Education NGOs in Mumbai believe that open societies are built on the foundation of education. It creates the foundation for how people’s lives and society will evolve in the future. This group’s goals are as follows:

  1. To provide education to girl child underprivileged children in India.
  2. To encourage the formation of various local groups across the world to reach out to larger sections of the population.
  3. To education, care, leisure, recreation, cultural activities.
  4. To address, whenever possible, other issues affecting human life such as health care, environment etc.
  5. Support and nurture education reform and highlight best practice examples to others in the education field for girl child.

Education provides freedom from illiteracy and poverty. The lack of education is the cause of many problems around. Education is very important for every child whether boy or girl. It is sad that some communities still discriminate against the education of the girl child. Girl’s education is the need of the hour. Without educating the girls of the country we can’t hope for a developed nation. Girl’s education is like sowing the seed which gives rise to green, cheerful, and full grown family plants. It is said that if we educate a man, we educate a man only, but if we educate a woman, we educate the whole family. This highlights the importance of female education.

Schools we support

1. Z. P. School. Ambesari Moraghpada, Tal. Dahanu, Dist. Palghar.

2. Makhecha High School Malad.

3. S Nijalingappa Kannada School, Ambernath

4. Modern English High School (Chembur)

5. Karthik High School (Kurla)

6. Bharatratna Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Vidyalaya , Dharavi

Why we need your support?

The vision of NANHI PARI Foundation is to transform the lives of women, families and entire communities in India by the education and empowerment of the girl child.

NANHI PARI Foundation is an NGO for child education in Mumbai encourages and enables each girl to become an independent thinker and self-learner.

Dear All,
We request our donor to contribute Nanhi Pari School Fees Programme. In this difficult time for everyone many parents who are sole earning members working as daily wage earners are not able to pay the school fees. They were always used to manage their saving for school fees, however, due to Covid they couldn’t save much this time around and hence they are asking for your help. Kindly do the needful and support as much as you can.

Yesterday we had support 13 Nanhi Pari School Fees to date 83 Pari got support in this 2nd face of lockdown.

Still, 137 students list is pending who is waiting for your helping hand 🙏

Thanks & Regards
Nanhi Pari Foundation
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Nanhi Pari Foundation

In Covid-19 Pandemic Situation We Provide Education Fees for School and College Student who need help

” An amount as little as Rs. 1,500 can bring education back to a child’s life during this Covid-19 pandemic period! “In addition COVID‑19 may present serious challenges for inclusive growth as the poorest Students are likely to be hardest hit and their heir life chances severely limited. As the COVID‑19 crisis spreads around the world, it is transforming Student’s day-to-day lives. The pandemic and the associated policy responses of confinement and social distancing touch on almost every part of student’s worlds.

COVID‑19 directly affects formal care arrangements, education and leisure services offered by early student services, schools , Collages and other organizations are interrupted. We urge you to come forward and support as many children as you can.

Any amount, howsoever large or small, is truly appreciated…

Please do come forward like Pari Khushi & Pari Sana many Pari’s are waiting for your helping hand 🤚

Thanks 🙏
Nanhi Pari Foundation
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Shiksha Shakti

Nanhi Pari Foundation joins Hands with Shiksha Seva Foundation to support Girl Child Education
SSF Remedial Education Intervention within the community​

Udaan Remedial Centre currently runs at two locations :

  • Udaan Remedial centre, (Dharavi)
  • Udaan Remedial centre, (Borivali)

Drop-outs and disinterested teenagers who drift away from education can be integrated into the stream of development using the power of remedial education. With an overall holistic focus on a child’s growth and potential, remedial education can effectively work to create skilled and confident individuals who will be able to participate in today’s fast-paced world of ideas and limitless dynamism.

The project of remedial education aptly titled UDAAN came up with the goal to positively impact the future of hundreds of underprivileged kids by an NGO for child education in Mumbai.

It is like a second home to children who come here after spending their formal school hours at the respective government schools. At UDAAN, we try to fill every learning gap. The overall development of the students, in terms of health, social engagements and healthy nourishment is taken care of through health and immunization camps, counselling and proper nutrition through mid-day meals.

50 brave girls from Karandi, a tribal Village situated in Akole Taluka of Ahmednagar district are struggling for access to basic amenities like toilets and bathrooms in their dilapidated hostel. Don’t you think these hardworking underprivileged girls who came a long way to pursue education deserve proper hygienic toilets and covered bathrooms? These girls come from nearby villages to pursue higher education as their villages do not have schools beyond fifth grades.

These issues have not deterred girls in the past from getting education and in the process their childhood was snatched as they were married off. Let this not become a reason for them to stop becoming who they could be. Shiksha Shakti is a tribute to all the strong girls out there who are still continuing their education and moving towards their goal despite facing difficulties all throughout their journey.

Let’s all show our support towards this campaign so that these future wonder women can lead a healthy and hygienic life. Nanhi Pari Foundation with your support and change their lives and help them stay in school. Please support this cause by donating generously. Each bio toilet will cost an appx. 30000. We need 12 such toilets and bathrooms for these girls.

School Fees for Lesser Privilege Kids!!!

Fund the school fees and food expenses of less privileged kids!!

We visited a place run by a poor lady who gives free shelter, education (school fees and travel fees), food and clothing to around 20 poor lesser privileged children both boys and girls in Madhupur, Jharkhand. The place runs mainly on donations. They does not have enough money to buy clothes, food, books and sports equipment for the kids (cost break up provided below).

Seeing her selfless service to the orphaned kids really moved me and I think we the better privileged could contribute to provide basic education and sports facilities to these kids.