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This Valentine’s Day, Nanhi Pari Foundation invites you to extend your love to those in need and bring joy and hope into their lives. Let’s spread smiles in the slums together, because with your support, we can truly make a difference in the lives of these young children. Celebrate this special day with the purest form of love by participating in our campaign and making a meaningful contribution. Donate food packets and cake on Valentine’s Day on behalf of your loved ones, and in return, receive heartfelt wishes from those you’ve helped. Every small step towards this cause makes a big impact!

Our campaign offers four packages:

1. Nanhi Pari Birthday Celebration:
– Sponsor 10 nutritious meals for underprivileged children on your or a loved one’s birthday.
– Each meal includes dal, rice, chapati, vegetable, and salad.
– Donors receive photographic proof with their name on 10 meals and heartfelt video wishes from the children.

2. Nanhi Pari Birthday Bash:
– Celebrate by sponsoring 20 food packets and a cake, providing 15 meals to underprivileged children.
– Donors receive photographic proof with their name on 15 meals and the cake, along with cake-cutting and wishing videos.

3. Nanhi Pari Mini Party:
– Make your birthday unique by sponsoring 15 meals and a cake for needy kids, with your name on the banner.
– Donors receive photographic proof with their name on the cake and banner, along with heartwarming video wishes.

4. Nanhi Pari Grand Party:
– Host a party for underprivileged kids, including snacks, cake cutting, dance performances, and gifts.
– Donors receive recognition with their name on the banner and the satisfaction of bringing joy to those in need.

10 Meals & Wishes
1. Sponsor special Valentine meals for 10 underprivileged kids and receive video wishes with pictures.

15 Meals, Cake & Wishes
2. Sponsor a heart-shaped cake, complete meals for 15 kids, and receive heartwarming video wishes this Valentine.

Mini Party & Wishes
3. Sponsor 15 meals & 1 cake for poor kids with your name on the Banner and receive heartwarming video wishes, this Valentine.

Valentine’s Grand Party
4. A Full Package Valentine’s Day Party with a Personalized Video with underprivileged kids with a Banner with your name on it.