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Donate Sweaters and Blankets in this Chilly Winters and Spread Warmth!

This Winter Save Children’s from cold Donate Sweaters. Winter is here, let’s spread some warmth.

Dear Supporters,

This winter lets reach out to kids of Mausahar Community in Jamui District Bihar and Biru Village in Simdega also tribal communities of Haryana and spread warmth so that they can spend their day with sunshine and visit community centers for learning and fun! Your generous contribution for sweaters so that we can all together reach as many as we can to spread the warmth this winter. It’s an appeal to all to please come forward and donate sweaters to help these souls make it through the winter with the warmth and a smile.

We aim to donate these sweaters to needy young children’s, boys and girls people in rural & tribal areas in in Bihar, Haryana, Jharkhand & Rajasthan. Please donate and spread the warmth. Do your kind donation and gift a cover of compassion.

Note: When you send your contribution do close your eyes and take a moment to visualize, pray for the person who shall receive this gift of warmth is relieved off their suffering.

No Act of Kindness However Small is Ever Wasted!

It is an initiative of likeminded people and various well-wishers who believe in, “Goodness is the only investment that succeeds “and at Nanhi Pari foundation we believe in doing good. Be it big or small good efforts will always make a difference.

Woolen Socks

40/unit -500 Quantity Required

Donate Now

Woolen Cap

60/unit – 500 Quantity Required

Donate Now


200/unit – 200 Quantity Required

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This donation will consist of 2 products:

1. Winter essentials: Contains cap and socks for the poor and needy.

2. Blanket: Offer a blanket to a poor and needy and protect them from chilly winter.