Help us to serve for women safety

Women, after their spouse’s demise, come down to SERUDS in their quest to seek spiritual salvation

Join us in this noble cause. DONATE NOW.

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Thank you for your love and wonderful support so far.
We are tie up with Oldage Orphanage Please come forward to help the SERUDS. You can help by Clicking on the donate now button:

We are delightful to express our sincere gratitude towards your timely sponsorship for old age home & feeding the poor old age persons SERUDS Old age home.
Sponsorship of elderly people in old age home Kurnool.

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Per day cost of Morning Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Breakfast is around Rs 5000/-


Join us in this noble cause. DONATE NOW.


After their spouse’s demise, come down to SERUDS in their quest to seek spiritual salvation. They spend their life with other widows in the Ashrams. Many widows here depend on the Ashrams for food, and survival. There are around 600 widows living in SERUDS and each of them have their own story of hardship and heartbreak. Donate to help , they don’t have any source of income or work. They have nobody to depend on.

We urge you to come forward and help them. You might not be able to make the journey to the SERUDS, but you can definitely help feed hundred of widows by donating them. These kits will last for about two weeks and give these helpless Mataji’s healthy meals to survive and get nutritious food for next few days.

We ensure 100% transparency because you deserve to know when, where, and how your donations are bringing a change in who’s life. Sponsor a Ration Kit , Shawl & Grocery kit for our Mataji and we will share with the picture of the product marked with your name on it while it is being given to the beneficiary. The distribution will be carried out by our partner NGOs in SERUDS.

This donation will consists of 4 Products:

1. Ration Kit : Help Mataji’s by donating Ration Kit consisting of: Rice , Dal , Flour , Oil & Spices
2. Shawl : This Shradh help SERUDS Mataji’s by donating Shawl and get the blessings
3. Grocery Kit & Ration Kit : Help Mataji’s by donating Grocery Kits & Ration Kits which will include Rice, Dal, Flour, Oil, Spice & Seasonal vegetables and we’ll schedule video
call meeting with Mataji’s
4. Wheelchair : Help widow mothers who are in need of help & support by donating them the wheelchair.


In which city is the donation carried out?

SERUDS Ashram.

In how many days will I receive the pictures of donation?

The turn around time for this campaign is 10 days

Is the donation eligible for Tax Benefit?

Yes, you can claim 80G donation receipt by filling the form that you receive in the email after donation
This grocery kit contains all the essential staples used across Indian households. These will help them have nutritious meals. Help hundreds of widows Mataji’s in Need.
Every individual has the right to education. In rural areas, people educate boys and not the girls so that they can help in household. This not only saves their money, but also help them get their work done faster as they have a helping hand. It’s important to make them realise that the real money is education.

Adopt a helpless, destitute and abandoned and give them hope to survive

Make an impact by making the abused and abandoned feel homely. Help them with clothes, daily meals and shelter.

There are almost 104 million aged people in our country among which 44 percent of people experience abuse in public spaces. Stories about the mistreatment of the elderly can be truly horrifying, even a sizeable number of them will require an old-age home. The aging people are actually facing a scary future in India. You can give them hope for a better life by making them feel homely and secure.

This donation will consist of 3 Products:
1. Grocery Kit: Help an abandoned by donating Grocery Kit which will include Rice, Dal, Flour, Oil, Spices, Desi ghee, a cylinder, etc.

2. Hygiene Kit: Help an abandoned by donating a hygiene Kit consisting of Soap, handwash, brush, Colgate, Phenyl, washing powder, sanitizer, mask, gloves, etc.

3. Adopt an abandoned: Help an abandoned by providing them with 2 daily meals, medical check-ups, Clothes and also we will schedule a video meeting with them