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Be Their Ramadan Blessing, Feed Nutritious Meals To Thousands Of Slum Kids

With your generous donations, hundreds of hungry kids in India’s slums will get a hearty meal during the iftar. Help Voice of Slum make this Eid special for these innocent souls.

Dry Fruits Kit ₹270/unit
Fruit Kit ₹325/unit
Rooh Afza Sharbat(750ml-Pack of 2) ₹340/unit
Grocery Kit ₹635/unit
Sugar 10 Kgs ₹420/unit
Tender Coconut water 2 Pcs ₹100/unit
Frooti 125 ml(Pack of 20) ₹200/unit

Planting the Seeds of Hope Together This Ramadan!

Ramadan month to all of our community and people around the world. Ramadan Campaign is all about giving back love and kindness to our community so during this Holy month let’s plant The Seed of Hope Today!

Through your generosity last year, we were able to light the houses for over 350 poor families by distributing Dry Ration Kits.

This Ramadan, we are raising funds to continue to provide groceries for displacement-affected old aged Matajis through our ‘Ramadan of Hope’ campaign.

Women, after their spouse’s demise, come down to Vridha Mitra in their quest to seek spiritual salvation. They spend their life with other widows in the Ashrams. Many widows here depend on the Ashrams for food, and survival.

There are around 300 widows living in Vridha Mitra Group and each of them have their own story of hardship and heartbreak. Donate to help, they don’t have any source of income or work. They have nobody to depend on.

We urge you to come forward and help them. You might not be able to make the

journey to the Vridha Mitra, but you can definitely help feed hundreds of widows by donating them.

These kits will last for about two weeks and give these helpless Mataji’s healthy meals to survive and get nutritious food for next few days.

We ensure 100% transparency because you deserve to know when, where, and how your donations are bringing a change in

who’s life. Sponsor a Ration Kit, Shawl & Grocery kit for our Mataji and we will share with the picture of the product marked with your name on it while it is being given to the beneficiary. The distribution will be carried out by our partner NGOs in Vridha Mitra.

This donation will consist of 2 Products:

1.⁠ ⁠Grocery Kit & Ration Kit: Help Mataji’s by donating Grocery Kits & Ration Kits which will include Rice, Dal, Flour, Oil, Spice & Seasonal vegetables and we’ll schedule video call meeting with Mataji’s.

2.⁠Medicine Kit: Help widow mothers with their day to day usable medicines for 15-20 days.

May this month bring the best it has to give to you and people in need around the world. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak to All!

Dear supporters,

Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, the month in which the Quran is believed to be revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad “Peace Be Upon Him”.

People spent this month keeping strict fasts during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset. During Ramadan, they take the first meal called “Iftar” as soon as the sun starts to set and and thank Allah for the strength that he gave them to fast during the month.

Muslims give up all bad habits. Observing Ramadan is a way to be nearer to our lord by praying, doing good deeds, being with family and friends and helping people in need.

This Ramadan, your Zakat can bring smiles and make the festival more memorable for the less fortunate members of society.

Show your Sadaqah by donating on Ramadan for the underprivileged people and make it a great celebration for them.

While donating through Nanhi Pari Foundation you are eligible to claim tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. All Offline / Online Donations are Tax deductible under section 80G.

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Needy people who battle for their lives throughout the night in winters.

Donation of winter essentials and blanket

We will share a picture of the product marked with your name on it.