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The Story

Dear Supporters,

Massive Fire @ Mumbai’s Malad East Slum – Appa Pada ( Anand Nagar ) wipes out 1,000 + houses.

Their Tadpatri Huts are burnt to ashes with back to back cylinder explodes. Women, Men & children are out of their Hut with clothes they were wearing . Looking out for each other’s family, crying in fear 😞

BMC has started offering them food packets but there are many other basic essentials that are needed for survival ….

As always sending my appeal to the universe with a hope to receive in abundance🙏🏽.My request to all you good hearted individuals, plz come forward and support in whatever way possible.. Counting on you.

Praying for a good response from each one of you as only faith & kindness holds us together in these testing times 🙏🏽

Also plz do send in your Prayers for each & every family that resides in the areas impacted 🙌

Warm Regards
Nanhi Pari Foundation

Please Note: We have a policy to maintain proper documentation of monetary contributions. All monetary contributions will be used to purchase relief kits and we will regularly update all donors on the utilization of funds

Join us in this noble cause. A small initiative leads to a Big change

The recent fire in Appa Pada has resulted in the destruction of over 1000 homes, leaving the hardworking residents with nothing. Despite the fortunate fact that most people were rescued, the tragedy has dealt a severe blow to these already struggling individuals. In response, Making The Difference is committed to doing everything possible to help these residents during these challenging times.

The sheer scale of the fire required 12 fire engines and 8 jumbo tankers to extinguish, and it is imperative that we rally behind the residents of Malad’s slum. By donating groceries and other essentials, we can ensure that their basic nutritional needs are met, providing a source of strength during this difficult period. With your generous support, we can help these individuals rebuild their lives and emerge from this disaster with renewed hope and resilience.


We request you to donate the following.


(For Building their Huts)

Mat (Chatai)

(Old/New in good condition)

Bed sheets

(Old/New - in good condition)


for Everyone

Old Saris & Kurtis

(Old /New In good condition only)

Shirts & Pants

(Old /New In good condition only)