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Understanding how donation towards Nanhi Pari is Genuine


There are fraudulent sources operating that claim to be Nanhi Pari foundation. This has led to money being stolen, so to avoid this you shouldn’t question- is Nanhi Pari Foundation genuine? It surely is, these fraudulent calls are done under our name as we have gained trust in the society. 

Understand, until you confirm the services from our official sources, do not donate. 

Here are some services that genuinely affect society and prove that Nanhi Pari is not fake.

Orphanage is a residential institution for care and education.

We have tie ups with Orphanage, through which we support baby girls for her education and care. These abandoned orphan, street children are belongs to different family backgrounds like father died with HIV/AIDS and mother committed suicide, father is drunken and mother left children & living with other person, both parents died due to personal reasons

HIGH ON LIFE FOUNDATION Ties Up With Nanhi Pari Foundation NGO in Mumbai

We have started with distributing books & stationery items at slums in Palghar & Thane District & Later realized that something more needs to be done. When our team started teaching slum kids on a regular basis, we found that the education standards of these kids are very low. A fifth standard student can’t study 2nd standard books. They don’t even know the alphabets. We hired a teacher from the same slum area & hired a room to teach students. We currently have 4 slum study centers in Palghar & Thane District.

Orphaned children are more likely to engage in unethical behavior and criminality, therefore it is critical to guide them in the correct way by providing them with a safe environment and a place to call home, such as an orphanage. Children are also more prone to drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, suicide, low school achievement, and crime if the orphanage is not up to par. As a result, young age is a must in order to rescue these children from such diseases and provide them with the opportunity for proper growth and development.

Nanhi Pari is a non-profit devoted to bringing about change in India via basic education, thinking that education is an essential component of social science. Our volunteers participate in and support secular initiatives with an educational component in keeping with this philosophy. Open societies, according to the Nanhi Pari Foundation NGO in Mumbai, are created on the foundation of education. It lays the groundwork for the future evolution of people’s lives and society. The following are the objectives of this group:


  • To offer education to poor Indian female children.
  • To promote the establishment of numerous local groups throughout the world in order to reach out to bigger groups of people.
  • Education, care, entertainment, and cultural activities
  • To address other concerns impacting human existence, such as health care, the environment, and so on, wherever feasible.
  • Support and promote education reform, and share best practice examples with others in the field of education for girls.

Education is the key to overcoming illiteracy and poverty. Many difficulties may be traced back to a lack of knowledge. Every youngster, whether a male or a girl, has to be educated. It’s unfortunate that certain communities continue to prejudice against girls’ education. The importance of female education cannot be overstated and cancel the question- is Nanhi Pari Foundation genuine?. We can’t aspire for a developed country without educating the country’s girls. Education for girls is like spreading a seed that grows into a healthy, happy, and fully-fledged family plant. It is believed that educating a man just educates him, but educating a woman educates the entire family. This emphasizes the value of female education.


UDAAN remedial education initiative

Using the power of remedial education, dropouts and disengaged teens who have drifted away from school may be reintegrated into the educational stream. Remedial education may successfully work to produce competent and confident individuals who will be able to engage in today’s fast-paced world of ideas and unlimited dynamism, with an overall holistic focus on a child’s growth and potential.

An Nanhi Pari Foundation NGO in Mumbai created the UDAAN remedial education initiative with the objective of positively impacting the future of hundreds of impoverished children.