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Help Heal The Victims!

Help Heal The Victims! Join Us To Rebuild Lives After The Devastating Train Collision In Odisha.

Sponsor food, first aid kits, and other immediate relief material today so that hundreds of people get urgent help they need. Hope and kindness can make all the difference during these hard times.

June 2, 2023 will be remembered as the date of one of India’s most horrific rail accidents. Hundreds of passengers boarded the Howrah Express and Coromandel Express, little expecting their train journey to turn into something awful.

Over 300 people are presumed dead and over 1000+ injured when several coaches of the Bangalore-Howrah Express derailed and collided with the Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express and a cargo train in Odisha’s Balasore district.

According to officials, this is one of the worst rail accidents in recent memory. While assistance has been dispatched quickly, with over 200 ambulances and rescue operations in action, there is still much more to be done. These families have experienced tremendous losses, and they are terrified, helpless, and distraught.

Survivors have reported seeing mangled bodies and severed limbs over the metal disaster as families desperately hunt for their loved ones. According to reports, survivors felt the entire coach trembling and tipping, and people fell over each other as the coaches derailed. Carriages were launched into the air, twisting and collapsing before crashing off the tracks.

These Victims Need Your Help Urgently.

In times like this, even a small amount of help can go a long way. The requirement of the hour is to ensure that victims receive timely assistance.

As clicking on each individual packet photo is not possible in this tragedy, we will share a common video and pictures of the distribution drive taken there.

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