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Every Child Deserves Education: Send A Child To School

Welcome to our donation campaign aimed at supporting Children in Need of Care and Protection living in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) in Alpha English High School. Education is a fundamental right guaranteed under the Indian Constitution and every child deserves access to quality education, yet many children are unable to receive it. Often it is because they are deprived of essential school accessories.

In a small area in Kurla East, the students of Alpha English School Children’s don’t have the facility of adequate numbers of Desks and Chairs. While the students are earnest in their efforts towards education, they are getting troubled, on a daily basis, due to lack of furniture in the school. 

This Campaign Nanhi Pari Foundation is a small initiative to gather funds so that these students, who are going to be future of the country, would get basic amenities in their school. 

We all, as sincere citizens, should come forward and help these kids to have an ambient environment for studies by providing them decent furniture in the school. Any little help would be a precious helping hand to the cause of supporting education of these children.

School Benches (120 Unit X 4500 = Rs – 5,40,000/-)

1Unit = 4500

10 Units = 45,000

100 Units = 4,50,000

120 Units = 5,40,000

Total Cost of Total 120 Units = 5,40,000/-

How to Donate:

Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference. You can donate online on this campaign. Every donation is appreciated and directly benefits those in need.

These donations are eligible for tax exemption under sec. 80G

Summary: This project is a uniquely designed program that prepares slum children for formal education by bringing the school to them. It aims to provide education and comprehensive support services to 1000 children living on the edge, marginalized, deprived of basic education, and health facilities, and lacking financial security.

Challenge: Access to education and learning is non existent in any slum. India has an estimated population of over 18 million street children. Poor parents lack the resources to send their children to school, leading them to engage in domestic chores or get involved in rag-picking and other anti-social activities. The project needs to raise 3.25 cr over the next 3 years to address these issues. It aims to enable children from marginalized communities in Goa to stay off the streets and thrive in mainstream school environments.

Solution: Currently, the project program operates in 8 slums, providing multi-grade teaching where students of different age groups and learning levels are taught under one roof. It will provide school supplies, fees, and meals, along with free health and medical care.

Long-Term Impact: Education remains a dream for millions of children struggling to survive daily. This project brings the school home and aims to provide 1000 first-generation learners with an excellent education, setting them on the path to breaking pervasive cycles of poverty in their slum communities.

Back in our school days , how we used to thrill with joy at the sight of new bags, books, and other stuff, but unfortunately there are kids in india who can’t afford such a basic necessity even today.. 

 Imagine the joy on a child’s face as they receive their very own school kit, packed with everything they need to embark on their educational journey. Our initiative aims to empower underprivileged children by providing them with the essential tools they need to thrive in school.

Each kit is a beacon of hope, a symbol of endless possibilities.

Why Donate?

Your donation will directly impact the lives of vulnerable children by ensuring they have the necessary tools for learning. By providing school accessories such as backpacks, notebooks, pencils, school uniforms and other essentials. Many children in CCIs lack proper attire for school. Your help will ensure these children go to school with dignity and pride.