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Donate Sweaters And Blankets

Donate Sweaters and Blankets in this Chilly Winter and Spread Warmth! This Winter Save Poor Childrens and Older Peoples.

We aim to donate these sweaters to needy young children’s, boys and girls people in rural & tribal areas in in Bihar, Haryana, Jharkhand & Rajasthan. Please donate and spread the warmth. Do your kind donation and gift a cover of compassion.

Imagine not having enough money for food, much less for warm clothes in winter. For many poor folks, it’s a tough reality. They struggle just to get by each day, with no money for things like coats or blankets when it gets freezing. Their stories are really tough as winter becomes a scary time because they don’t have what they need to stay warm.

When you’re barely making it through the day, getting warm clothes or a blanket feels like a far-off dream. It’s heartbreaking to think that something as basic as staying warm becomes a luxury and sadly, some even lose their lives because of it.

On an average, more than 800 people living on streets die every year during the winter months. We can make a big difference by helping out. Donating things like blankets and winter essentials can save lives. These simple things give much-needed warmth and protection to those who have nowhere else to go.

Amidst this adversity, there’s hope. Sponsoring blankets and winter essentials becomes a lifeline, offering warmth and protection against the cold’s cruel grasp. It’s a simple yet profound gesture that can save lives, providing comfort and solace to those most in need. Let’s unite to bring warmth and support to those battling the harsh realities of winter on the streets.

Note: When you send your contribution do close your eyes and take a moment to visualize, pray for the person who shall receive this gift of warmth is relieved off their suffering.

This donation will consist of 3 products:

1. Winter essentials: Contains Woolen Gloves, Woolen Caps and socks for the poor and needy.

2. Blanket: Offer a blanket to a poor and needy and protect them from chilly winter.

3. Sweaters: Save needy peoples from cold with sweaters.

Transparency Methods: We will share a picture of the product marked with your name on it.

Roughly half of the poor spend their winters out on the streets without blankets or woollen clothes, and in addition to eating, they have to battle for their lives throughout the night.

I hope you all are doing great.

As we all know that winter is coming fast and within no time we will find our self in the blanket but what about all those people who do spend their night on the road side under extremely chilly weather condition especially the small children, women and older person with less cloths on their bodies.

Every year more than 100 of people lost their lives due to lack of necessities which is needed in winter to cover up their bodies and rest their heads.

This winter Nanhi Pari Foundation is planning to step up in support of underprivileged and needy people out there.

As a good gesture of kindness and responsibility towards the society we have decided to run a drive of blankets distribution to those who having nothing to cover and we found more than 500 people within 10 kms radius having nothing to cover themselves.

We decided to cover maximum possible area.

Location: Mumbai & Jharkhand

We are in planning to distribute at least 1000 blankets, each blanket costing Rs. 120/-

Requesting your sincere contribution in this so that we can make this a grand success. A mere donation of Rs. 120, from you end can make a great difference to someone’s life.

Please come forward to help us create an impact in the society.


Needy people who battle for their lives throughout the night in winters.

Donation of winter essentials and blanket

We will share a picture of the product marked with your name on it.