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This Diwali Let’s Help Daily Wages Families

Your small donation will make a huge difference and definitely brings you a lot of blessings.

Diwali Ki Mithai

Diwali is not just a festival of joy and lights, It is more about the spirit of giving & spreading happiness than receiving, so you can bring hope into the lives of these lesser privileged people just by distributing a packet of sweets This unexpected festival gift can fill them with aspiration and desire to not just survive but live and act as a nudge to transform some lives.

Diwali ki Mithai- This Packet contains 4 Motichoor k laddoo.

Kindly make a valuable contribution and let’s celebrate this Diwali with joyful.

This Diwali we are distribution 500 ration kit which includes.

We had collected 118 Families Kits but still we are short of 382 Families Ration kit.

1X575 = Rs 575/-
10X575 =Rs 5750/-
25X575 =Rs 14375/-
50X575= Rs 28750/-

As everyone is aware of what situations are running outside and many poor people are in lack of food and either essential providing ration and food to the needy. Your small donation will make a huge difference and definitely brings you a lot of blessings.

1 ration kit costs around Rs 575/-

Total cost of Campaign for 500 kits will be Rs 2,87,500 in this Diwali 2022. We would request you to please come forward and open your soul to feed a soul! You know, opening a wallet is easy. opening your soul and letting others in, well, that is difficult. Festivals, after all, are above religion! Isn’t it? We hope you will all come forward and help us feed these people.

Thanks & Regards
Nanhi Pari Foundation

Lets Celebrate this festival with needy


Food donations help feed the poor and hungry. This healthy combination of food will save the lives of impoverished, destitute, and homeless individuals by preventing them from going hungry and becoming malnourished. Millions of underprivileged children and adults do not get proper food to eat.

Hunger doesn’t have to exist — let’s end it together.

The situation is particularly Pathetic in respect of children considering the fact that half of all kids younger than three years old in India weigh too little for their age.

Nanhi Pari Foundation