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Birthday Celebration With Us

Celebrate your birthday by spending your time with the children in need.

Although there are unlimited ideas to celebrate birthday as each birthday is a new beginning, this birthday, share your joyous moments by providing food to poor and hungry patients outside hospitals, as by seeking happiness for others, and find it for yourself !

A birthday is a very special day; it’s the day you came into the world!  So, if you are looking for a unique and meaningful way to celebrate your accomplishments and milestones, consider distributing food to the poor patients and their families outside hospitals.
Yes, celebrate your Birthday in a unique way. You can plan a birthday along with your friends, family or colleagues by feeding the needy outside hospitals.  You can request your friends that instead of buying gifts for your birthday or for your family members/friends, consider asking them to make a donation.

We welcome you to celebrate birthday with our kids and leave with them a memorable moments which keep them happy for a long time.


By providing freshly cooked food including khichdi and a banana to the poor patients and their families outside hospitals.

Although we provide food to poor patients and their families outside various hospitals but we for birthdays and other occasion we provide food outside AIIMS and Safdurjung Hospital.

You are most welcome to join our team for food distribution drive along with your family and friends.

You will just need to have the latest version of Elementor installed on your website to be able to use the HappyAddons.

We provide pictures of food donation drive and also as per request of the donor we also keep a little board mentioning to occasion.

Yes, we provide proper 80G receipt of the donation.

Birthday Celebration

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Donation Total: ₹4,000.00

Your every contribution will help these children get quality access to Education, Food and shelter.