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Vriddha Mitra Programme

Bring Hope to an Elderly Mother in Vridha Mitra and Offer Your Love to Her Every Month.

Help widows Mataji’s in need by sponsoring grocery kits that contains all the essential staples used across Indian households. These will help them have nutritious meals every month.

In the heart of Vrindavan (Vridh Mitra Programme) where love for Lord Krishna fills the air, there’s a heartbreaking reality.
Imagine old mothers, left alone by their own families, battling the freezing cold in nothing but a thin saree. They spend their remaining days devoted to Krishna bhakti, but their nights are a harsh fight against the biting cold.

These mothers, who once showered love on their kids, now face the icy chill without enough warm clothes. They’ve been abandoned, and their only solace is their unwavering faith. Can you imagine their shivers, not just from the cold but from the loneliness and sadness too?

They need our help and your support isn’t just about giving warm blankets, shawl or sweaters; it’s about saving their lives. Your kindness can be the warmth that shields these old abandoned mothers from the harsh winters.
Let’s join hands to show them that they’re not forgotten, but there’s love and care in this world for them.

Your support can be a hug of warmth and hope in their cold, lonely world. Together, we can make sure these wonderful souls aren’t left freezing on the streets.

Women, after their spouse’s demise, come down to Vridha Mitra in their quest to seek spiritual salvation. They spend their life with other widows in the Ashrams. Many widows here depend on the Ashrams for food, and

survival. There are around 300 widows

living in Vridha Mitra Group and each of them have their own story of hardship and heartbreak. Donate to help, they don’t have any source of income or work. They have nobody to depend on.

We urge you to come forward and help them. You might not be able to make the

journey to the Vridha Mitra, but you can definitely help feed hundreds of widows by donating them.

These kits will last for about two weeks and give these helpless Mataji’s healthy meals to survive and get nutritious food for next few days.

We ensure 100% transparency because you deserve to know when, where, and how your donations are bringing a change in

who’s life. Sponsor a Ration Kit , Shawl & Grocery kit for our Mataji and

we will share with the picture of the product marked with your name on it while

it is being given to the beneficiary. The distribution will be

carried out by our partner NGOs in Vridha Mitra.

This donation will consist of 2 Products:

1. Grocery Kit & Ration Kit: Help Mataji’s by donating Grocery Kits & Ration Kits which will include Rice, Dal, Flour, Oil, Spice & Seasonal vegetables and we’ll schedule video call meeting with Mataji’s.

2. Medicine Kit: Help widow mothers with their day to day usable medicines for 15-20 days.