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Lend A Helping Hand To Those Affected By The Devastating Landslide In Raigad

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On the night of 19th July, a powerful landslide struck the village of Irshalwadi in Raigad, causing widespread destruction in its wake. The landslide has claimed numerous lives, injured many, and left hundreds of families without shelter and basic necessities. This is the time for swift action. The victims need our support – every minute counts.

Lend A Helping Hand To Those Affected By The Devastating Landslide In Raigad

Hundreds of families have been left without shelter and basic necessities. They’re frantically searching for their loved ones under the rubble. Their lives have changed forever. This is the time when we need to come together and support those affected by the landslide. 

We cannot stand idle while our fellow citizens suffer – donate now to make a difference  

In this crucial time, we want to provide immediate relief to the victims in the form of grocery kits and hygiene products. They’re struggling and in pain and while nothing can help bring back their family members, a little gesture of kindness can go a long way in supporting them and giving some solace. 

The calamity has left hundreds homeless as the once-thriving village now lies in ruins  

Rescue operations are being carried out but the mountainous terrain of the village has made it very difficult. Additionally, continuous heavy rainfall and the lack of a proper motorable road have only worsened things. The NDRF, SDRF, localities, and several NGOs are being forced to perform rescue operations manually as earth movers and excavators couldn’t be taken to the site. 

Emergency Requirement

Hygiene Kit – Rs 350/ Unit

Groceries – Rs 680/- Unit

Emergency Kit – 1180/Unit

Water Bottle 1 Ltr Cartoon – Rs 500/Unit

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