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Shelter care Kit


  • VALUE BULK CASE FOR DONATION/HOMELESS CARE: For donation to your local homeless shelter. These hygiene kits are handy to keep in your car, for those that live on the street, or can be given as gift bags for your local homeless shelter, or to keep in your car to give as you see a need.
  • MOST NEEDED ITEMS: These items won’t solve the homeless crisis, but they will let someone know they are cared for that day.
  • PERSONAL HYGIENE: This kit has the basics for those that have little extra dollars for personal care items. Included in this kit are Toothbrush, 0.6 oz toothpaste, 0.35 oz bar soap, 6.5″ handle comb, 2 oz lotion, washcloth, 15ct pocket tissue, fingernail clipper, and 2 oz to keep feet dry.
  • FOOT CARE: Socks and foot care are one of the leading challenges for those without stable housing. Imagine being on your feet all day, everyday.
  • NUTRITIOUS SNACK: Adding a little comfort in the way of a nutritious snack.
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