Mission & Vision


Nanhi Pari Foundation mission is to save the girl child in India, saving girl child is a major step to develop any country and the whole world. We all are aware about the status of girls in the present scenario in India so our mission is to change the concept of GIRL Child situation in INDIA. As child is the most beautiful creation of God. A girl child is more so because she is the mother of future generations. If we continue to kill the unborn female fetuses we are not only committing sin in the eyes of God but also quickening the end of human race.


1. To bring about social awareness and affect a positive change towards Girl Child Education, Health & Survival & Other Major Diseases.

2. To provide education to the girl child and thus make her economically self-reliant & work till lasting changes in her life.

3. To promote equality for girls in terms of gender, education, and other opportunities.

4. To work towards the all-round progress of the girl child at all levels.

How you can help us

Just call at 96642 78673 to make a donation