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Even if the kids are enrolled in the best ngo in Mumbai, an orphanage home has some impacts on the child’s personality that cannot be avoided.

The prevalence of reactive attachment disorders, disabilities and developmental delays are some of the adverse outcomes of institutional care or Orphanages For Children in Mumbai.

Due to which the dominant model for the maintenance of children was biological parents unavailable have been family-based foster care preferably with relatives and leading to permanent adoption.

But that is not the case with all the girl education NGOs in Mumbai, as there are some support groups like Nanhi Pari Orphanage Support, who take the best possible care of the child enrolled in the NGO.

How does being an orphan affect a child?


Attachment importance:

Growing up in an institution or an NGO can make it challenging for children to build stable and long-lasting attachments. Still, children in orphanages frequently grow up with a series of caregivers, many of whom do not spend enough time with all the kids to form a strong attachment.

The situation is made significantly worse by the booming business of volunteering at medical support NGOs in Mumbai. When volunteers revolve, children are left feeling unsecured and eager for affection, which increases the likelihood of attachment disorders. The frequent changes of staff is also a loss of the experience of an attachment.

Reactive attachment disorder is also a severe and long term disturbance in social interactions that arise from failure to form regular attachments to primary caregivers in early childhood. Abrupt separation from caregivers or a lack of responsiveness is a common cause of reactive attachment disorder, which is seen in high levels among children placed in orphanages.


The long-term effects of orphanage care:

A tremendous amount of evidence from decades of both psychological and sociological research shows the negative development impact of institutionalization not only on kids but also on the communities.

Growing up in a residential facility mainly affects how a child’s brain personality develops. Ideally, children are significantly more minor in height, weight, and head circumference and tend to grow much later than other kids.

It is mainly because orphanages cannot provide proper physical contact and stimulation that child needs to succeed in which family-based care centred. Children who grow in institutional care suffer deficits in relations skills required for healthy parenting of their own kids.

It is different for kids growing up in Nanhi Pari Foundation NGO in Mumbai, as the volunteers here have an intention of giving the best to the child, and they don’t let the long term effects hamper their growth.

Things you must know about orphanage life.


Orphanages deprive children of a sense of permanency:

No doubt, the care provided in a managed facility is always preferable to a child living on the street, but the orphanage life does mean a child can have challenges establishing a sense of permanency.

Life is in an orphanage is one of change as caregivers come and go so the peers. Children are rarely alone, but there is often a lack of closeness in the relationships that they share.


The free time is managed:

One of the best psychological characteristics of orphans is that children are living in orphanages are likely to lead a reasonably structured life to the nature of the orphanage.

Life happens on a schedule for children. It is mainly because children get up to get cleaned it a loan and recreate in a regimented way which is helpful in providing structure and for maintaining order for a large number of kids at once.

However, you must also note that it might harm the later life with the family, especially the kids will have a difficult time coping with free time and self-directed play.


Children become independent:

Even though children are surrounded by people all the time in an orphanage but life can be lonely. Children who have spent time in the orphanage often learn to be independent and not depend on anyone else but themselves.

It might be because they feel let down by adults and in part because personal family-like care is lacking. The self-dependency can mean they have a sense of independence, but it also means that establishing trust in new people or even new parents will be challenging.


The orphanage environment doesn’t build any family skills.

Life in an orphanage is the life of building different survival skills. Besides life and death survival, there is a form of intense coping mechanics most children will not have to develop in life ahead.

It is one of the best social skills when living in that environment, but it doesn’t necessarily serve children once they move to a family environment. Those skills will take time to develop.


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