Top 5 ways to tackle the problem of child labour in India


Child labour is one of the worst things that can ever happen to a young child as it rubs out their innocence. It would be best if you did your bit to stop it by making informed decisions or spreading awareness. If you feel that you can devote time, then you must join the best ngo in Mumbai and do your bit.

Suppose you want to see the change; you need to be the change. Child labour has been here for years now. The first thing you can do is check the product you are buying. For example, you recently purchased a saucer ball or chocolate, and you need to check whether it is made by a child or not. You can do so by checking the production of goods and services in different departments. Even though it sounds challenging, you can help the child by doing your bit or making even a little bit of contribution as it goes a long way. The NGOs for healthcare in Mumbai ensure that they align with all the measures to eradicate child labour as much as possible.

Here are 5 ways to tackle the problem of child labour in India:


It all starts with you-

It would be best if you accepted the fact that people who employ young kids at their house or places of work thinking that they are given the opportunity to earn or not doing a great charity as they pretend to. People think of employing children as they look forward to getting cheap labor that doesn’t question them. You need first to believe that change begins with you, so all you need to do is refrain from keeping kids to clean your house or to take care of your younger ones to your dishes or wash your cars. Instead, you can employ the poor adults who are in need of work, and they can sustain their families with your help. Also, you need to remember that child labour is illegal, so refrain from hiring a child at your workspace.

Be a conscientious buyer-

Be it jewelry confectionery or garments, and you need to ask the manufacturer, the retailer or the shopkeeper if their brand is child labour-free or not. They might not always have the answer as the supply chain has different layers, and the end seller is not usually aware of the process. But at least you did your bit by asking, so this will make them think, and they also might be encouraged to investigate and ensure that no child labour is involved in the business. Being a responsible citizen, you can prevent child labour by not buying products where kids manufacture them.

Learn about the laws-

one of the first steps you can make the society child labour free is to know about the rules laid down by the constitution for the protection of children. You can also learn about different practices in place to stop the exploitation and ensure that offenders are prosecuted in the right way. When you are aware of the practices, you are better equipped to understand the situation that comes ahead, and you can also want the offenders around you. You can also join NGOs like nanhi pari where you can learn more about these laws as the NGO works to cop child labour and motivates young kids to educate so that they can lead a better life. When you join them, you can also donate to girl child education in India.

Talk to the parents of child labour-

A lot of times, we see children walking around us with their parents. It gives you a great chance to talk to these parents also as you can make them understand the severe implications that child labour has on their child. You can try counselling the parents and pursue them to allow their children to study ahead as child labour robs childhood out of them. Parents are also the main reasons behind child labour as they are poor and also lack education, so you can council them to understand this vicious cycle. Poverty often leads to child labour, and child labour ensures that poverty remains. The children must be provided with quality education if there has to be an economically sound future for these low-income families.

Volunteer with some organizations or Orphanages For Children in Mumbai

You can join hands with some of the organizations to understand the issue and deepen your understanding of what’s being done by these organizations. NGOs always need a helping hand, so you can always take some hours out of your busy schedule and help them in whatever possible way. There are different schemes also by the government like Beti Bachao Beti padao. To implement them better, NGOs and people should come ahead to help the community significantly.

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