How to Support a Girl Child's Education


The belief that girl are condemned to be domestic servants and nothing else is at the basis of India’s rural inequality. As a result, girls are denied an education because only boys are seen as future breadwinners.

To further make it worse, the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on education, particularly for girls from low-income families.

As a result, women’s access to education and other opportunities is limited until she falls below the educational position of male children. As a result, females are disadvantaged at every stage of their lives. Education is the only way to bring about change. Here are some of the reasons why we should promote girl education in India and help them achieve their goals of being successful and healthy women.

NGOs Supporting Girl Child Education in India are trying their best to make education affordable and accessible for the future female leaders of India.

There are many ways you can support education for a girl child. But first let’s talk about why supporting a girl child NGO in Mumbai is important.


Why Is It Important To Support Girl Education: Causes For Ngos Supporting Girl Child Education In India:


According to World Bank study, countries that oppress women have poorer financial growth and reduced poverty than communities that believe in gender equality.

Today’s girls will be tomorrow’s skilled workers and employees thanks to access to education. They may uplift their families via education by advocating for themselves and their communities, improving their health and prosperity.

India’s programmes to empower girls through education and opportunities have the potential to end child marriage. According to 2016 research, a girl under the age of 15 gets married off every seven seconds in India.

To undo these damages, NGO for education in India for girls are on a mission to narrow this gap.


Best way to support a girl child’s education: Donate for Girls Child Education:


The government has made specific financial allocations to prepare schools for reopening with sufficient infrastructural measures to ensure that students, particularly girls, feel safe and confident about attending school.

There are certain initiatives in place to provide special economic assistance to families in economically difficult conditions, but larger budgetary allocations are required.

By regularly donating with a girl child NGO, you can help them ensure a continuous access to education.

Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Mumbai-based non-profit organization dedicated to child education, with the goal of empowering and enabling people from under-resourced families. NPF is trying to improve the quality of education for the society’s underprivileged students. The School Kit Drive, which raises funds for child education in India, is one of the projects we’re working on for this cause. We are attempting to generate cash for 1500 school kits, which will be provided to students who are on the edge of dropping out of school due to a lack of resources.


Support Nanhi Pari Foundation To Support Girl Education:


Nanhi Pari Foundation supports the following schools for girl education:-

  1. Z. P. School. Ambesari Moraghpada, Tal. Dahanu, Dist. Palghar.
  2. Makhecha High School Malad.
  3. S Nijalingappa Kannada School, Ambernath
  4. Modern English High School (Chembur)
  5. Karthik High School (Kurla)
  6. Bharatratna Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Vidyalaya, Dharavi

In this difficult time for everyone, many parents who work as daily wage earners are unable to pay their children’s school fees. They were used to managing their savings for school fees, but due to Covid, they were unable to do it this time, and they are seeking your assistance. Do everything you can to help and support as much as you can.

We urge you to support us. Look at the lives we have transformed at: