nanhi pari beti bachao Scheme

Honorable Mr. Narendra Modi launched the Beti Bachao Beti padhao, and the scheme is one of the best flagship programs of government. The system here mainly addresses the reducing child sex ratio and issues related to women empowerment in the long run. Even the Girl Child NGO in Mumbai ensures that they align with the PM’s vision to implement the scheme.

The scheme focuses on narrow-minded mindsets and our society’s deep-rooted typical patriarchal system. Its emphasis is on empowering the female child and advancing the most on their education. Overall, the scheme is all about women’s empowerment in the early stages of their life. The government wants to equip the female child with the best of health, education, wealth, and experience. It would help them to take charge of their future while she grows as a responsible woman.

The scheme’s objective is not only to uplift the girl child in rural parts but also in urban domains. It is about a financial impetus through a small savings scheme. The NGO for Child Education in Mumbai ensures that the girl child makes the most of this scheme and enjoys a bright future.


Objectives of the scheme:

At the grass root level, the scheme mainly aims to empower women across the country. The scheme has been launched as a core belief that an assigned girl child can be not only an empowered woman but also an empowered citizen of the country. To uplift society in general, the dignity of the daughters needs to be significantly preserved. The Girl Education NGOs in Mumbai ensure that they align with the given objectives.

Scheme guidelines:

  • The scheme aims to prevent gender-based selection.
  • Celebrate the birth of a girl child across the country.
  • Protection of the girt child.
  • Ensures proper education for the female child.
  • Mainstream participation of girl children.
  • To prevent child marriage, the scheme has made it mandatory to register marriages.


Who is the scheme targeted to?

No doubt, the scheme is targeted at the entire country, but the primary targets area include Bihar, Haryana, UP, and Punjab. It focuses on young couples, young or lactating women, and pregnant women. Besides that, the scheme is also for teenagers, youth, and family members practicing in private hospitals, nursing homes, etc. lastly, the scheme focuses on officials, front-line workers, and voluntary organizations.


Strategies under the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao
  • It aims to create an equal value for the girl child and promote education through sustained implementation of social mobilization and communication campaigns.
  • In public discourse, they present the issue of decline, and this improvement will be a great indicator of perfect governance.
  • The intensive and integrated action focuses on gender-critical districts.
  • The government looks forward to associating with communities to challenge various social norms and gender stereotypes.
  • At different levels, it warrants inter-sectoral and institutional coverage.

The central government is here to provide 100% help for implementing the BBBP initiatives to various district collectors.


Impact of the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme:

Reducing sex ratios- As per the  Minister for Woman and Child Development, several districts under the program have registered a positive trend in the sex ratio at birth. Therefore, if you wish to contribute to empowering the girl child, you shouldn’t think twice before donating to NGOs working to save the girl child.

Getting girl child in focus- The Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme is one of the best solutions to focus on women’s status in society as a whole. Currently, women are not likely to complete their education and have only the most negligible probability of getting enrolled in schools than boys. Every year, millions of girls under 15 get pregnant. As girls are not educated, they choose to deliver in their early years of life, which leads to delivery-related challenges. With this scheme, millions of girls will have a chance to learn something and get educated.

Girl child gets access to education- The program ensures that all girls are deprived of education. Years back, girls have been the highest demographic to leave secondary school. There is a massive transformation in decision-making with easy access to education. Experts say that girls who get access to education are less likely to experience pregnancy underage.


What can we do as citizens to make the most of the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme?

As a citizen, you can join NGO for girls education in Mumbai, and as a prime responsibility, we need to protect the dignity of the girl child. Daughters are critical to happiness, and they also play a crucial role in making an educated society. You cannot leave everything to the government because every vote counts, so all of us have a role to play. You can encourage ways in schools and homes to promote some equality between boys and girls. 

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