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Nanhi Pari Orphanage Support

Orphanage is a residential institution for the care and education.

There isn’t much in the way of infrastructure or resources for orphaned youngsters. One out of every five districts in the country lacks even a single orphanage, while the majority of districts lack the required three orphanages (one for children of less than 6 years of age and one each for boys and girls of 6-18 years respectively).

In India, orphans and vulnerable children do not even have their own laws; they are covered by the Juvenile Justice Act.

The primary focus is on under-18 criminals, who are lost even in the system that is supposed to protect them. This historical omission could have occurred for a variety of reasons. There are usually more beneficiaries and claimants than funding in India, and orphans and destitute children are among the most vulnerable.

Most of the child orphanages in Mumbai and other cities see that they are underfunded and do not have the required resources to function.

At Nanhi Pari Orphanage Support, we have tie ups with Orphanage, through which we support baby girl for her education and care. These abandoned orphans, street children are belonging to different family backgrounds like father died with HIV/AIDS and mother committed suicide, father is drunken and mother left children & living with other person, both parents died due to personal reasons.

Orphanages We Support

  1. Saint Gonsalves, Vasai
  2. Bal Bhavan Orphanage, Andheri West
  3. Godavari Foundation
  4. High On Life Foundation
  5. Aadhar Foundation
  6. Vidhya Deep Charitable Trust
  7. Manjara Charitable Trust
  8. Partner of Holy Gospel

68 Students we support for food clothing and shelters with Education Kits and Fees

Shiksha Se Vikas, I am Azhar, founded Nanhi Pari Foundation after realizing the need of quality education for underprivileged kids. We are working with three different Tribal communities, educating underprivileged kids. We are not only educating Tribal Belt kids but helping them to become good human beings.
We have started with distributing books & stationery items at slum in Palghar & Thane District & Later realized that something more need to be done. When our team started teaching slum kids on regular basis, we found that education standard of these kids are very low. A fifth standard student can’t study 2nd standards books. They even don’t know alphabets. We hired a teachers from the same slum area & hired a room to teach students. We have currently 4 slum study center in Palghar & Thane District.

Nanhi Pari Foundation helps Seruds India Orphanage

We Nanhi Pari Foundation has come in support of Seruds India Orphanage.
We are really delightful to join their initiative of Feed the hungry, poor, old aged people in India.

The Problem:
In Budhavarapeta slums in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh has a number of destitute elderly people, who are neglected by their Sons and Daughters. Many of them don’t have families to support them and resort to begging for food, while others belong to families where the adult members go off to work leaving them alone at home. Not only do they struggle with the absence of any social and economic security, but with lack of reasonable nutrition as well. These Elderly persons are spending their time at community halls, grave yard, neighbor houses.

Our Solution:
We have been providing  nutritious meals every day and daily necessities to girls orphanage based in Mumbai since 2014. The hot meals are distributed daily between 1-2pm and include a variety of nutritional foods like steamed cooked rice, dhal, sambhar, mixed vegetable curry, seasonal pickle, Papad and daily necessities like medicines for children, soaps, ration kits, school kits for children, Sanitary Napkins for girls, milk, biscuits, facemasks, sanitizers, soaps, to provide shelter. This means they no longer have to beg for something that is so readily available to the rest of the world. The plan is to expand this project into other nearby areas as well. By providing nutritious food to the destitute elderly people, they recovered from their ill-health.

The Impact:
The program attempts to eliminate the aged persons from begging in slums of Kurnool, who simply can’t afford to eat, and ensure a daily worth of nutritious meals. With your kind generous support the old age people can have good nutritious meal and live with dignity.

Appeal for Online Donations:
Nanhi Pari foundation working since 2014 for medical and education for girl child. Now we are willing to extend our arm for the neglected old age persons with little donations given by individual philanthropists, nonprofit organizations. We accept donations online by using credit card, debit card, paytm. Kindly donate online to provide nutritious lunch for 30 poor senior citizens. All Donations are tax exemption / deductible u/s 80G of Income tax act. We send 80G Tax Exemption Receipt, regular updates online for your Donations.
Thank you for Donating to our noble cause.