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Sponsor a Food Packet & Grocery Kits

#AThoughtForFood. No one should have to wonder where their next meal will come from. 

Our projection for Jan 2024 – Dec 2024 suggests that we require 1000 cooked meals per day and 1000 Grocery kits per month as emergency assistance across Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

1) Monthly Project Details-

Sponsor a Food Packet & Grocery Kits for Poor, Homeless and Destitute.

It cost only Rs 60 Per meal for 20 Packs (20X60 =1200)

Groceries Kits for 5 families- 625 Per Kit (625 X 5 = 3125)

This nutritious mix of rice and vegetables will save the poor homeless people from hunger and malnutrition. Help them survive these tough times.

This donation will consists of 2 Products:

The Food Packet : 4 Chapatis and a Sabji, Puri and Chole, Rice and Chole etc.

The Grocery Kit : Rice, Aata, Oil, Dal, Tea, SugaR, Namak, Mirch, Haldi needed for daily requirements.

Abandoned people need health care, groceries, shelter, clothes , etc. With no family around, it becomes difficult for them to survive or just find a reason for survival. For such people, NGOs like Nanhi Pari Foundation are their only hope for survival.

We Nanhi Pari Foundation had taken a initiative to support 2 orphanage on the occasion of Monthly Dry Ration Kit Drive.

2) Kamla Mehta Blind School –

There are 162 blind (Special children’s) & 25 School Staff in school hostel who required monthly groceries kit which cost
every month around Rs 49343/-

Personal Info

Donation Total: ₹3,125.00