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Celebrate Womanhood with Nanhi Pari Foundation

A girl child is no less than a male child. Women empowerment and girl empowerment is empowerment of the whole world, as in Marathi there is a quote saying ‘Mulgi sikli pragati jhali’. This quote means when a girl child is educated, there is development all around as she takes along with her everyone on the path of progress and development. So, this 8th March, 2024 we at Nanhi Pari Foundation is celebrating International Women’s Day for the immeasurable contribution all the women make every day in our life.

We have received special appeal from The Royal City English School, Dharavi and The Alpha English School, Matunga Labour Camp for the pending school fees of underprivileged students who come from the wards of drivers, domestic workers, laborers, daily wagers, hawkers, payment dwellers and even orphan & single parent children. These children are in need to clear their outstanding school fees before final exams. The primary idea of this campaign is to work in collaboration so as to enable underprivileged girl child realize and achieve her dreams.

Estimate The Royal City English School (54 girl students) Rs 4,76,600/-
Estimate The Alpha English School (64 girl students) Rs 4,64,745/-

Total Estimate – Rs 9,41,345/-

Help us push the world to achieve Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality as the grim reality is still that none of the nation is on the track to achieve it and the women are still undervalued.
We urge for your kindness in helping us to support these girl children. Your one step and contribution will help us in fulfilling their dreams! Please contribute the maximum possible from your end and help us brighten these innocent little girl’s future!

Nanhi Pari Foundation humbly appeals you to share this campaign link with your family and friends!