An Appeal to save NANHI PARI

"Give girls the wings to fly. Not the pain to cry"

Help Baby Ankita Basavaraj 13 year old is known case of Acute Lymphoblastic
ALL Reg-C she is undergoing treatment In HCG Hospital Bangalore.



Name : Baby ANKITA BASAVARAJ - 13 Year Old
FAMILY DETAIL – Mr. Basavaraj (Father of Ankita) is working as Farmer & earns of Daily Wages Labourer he is left with no money only the hope is our supporter, Her treatment needs to be done Immediately.

Total Estimated Cost of Treatment is - 18,66,000/-
PATIENT DETAILS – Baby Seema - 13 Year Old Female Child Bearing UHID: 138190 is known case of Acute Lymphoblastic leukaemia is undergoing treatment in Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd known as HCG Hospital Bangalore.

We request you to support 13 Year old Nanhi Pari Baby Ankita. This Baby is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL Reg C) & Dr Suggested Immediate treatment & critically ill. The child comes from an economically weaker section & required support for medical treatment expenses. We hereby recommended you this case for financially assistance, the patient is taking treatment under Dr Intezar Mehdi/Dr Suma / Dr Amit (Consultant Paediatrician, Oncology & Haematologist) at Health Care Global Enterprise (HCG) Bangalore.

Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child, Other than this we work for early symptoms & Other Causes that are responsible for Heart Disease, Cancer & Other major disease. Nanhi Pari Foundation's aim is all girl child realize their full potential support in societies which respect people's rights and dignity. It is an independent organization, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations.

We appeal you to send your contribution by Cheque/DD/Cash in the name of NANHI PARI FOUNDATION to our admin office or handover to our representative volunteers or You can DONATE through your Debit / Credit Card via our website: Or you can deposit directly in our below mentioned accounts.

You may deposit the cheque at any (HDFC Bank) branches in India or transfer funds through net banking.
Bank Name : HDFC BANK
Account Number : 50200017518155
IFS Code : HDFC0002869
Branch : New Dadar (E), Mumbai - 400 014.
State : Maharashtra


* We really would appreaciate if you could take care of the entire/part of his/her treatment.
* If surplus amount is received , the same will be passed creating facilities for the betterment of cancer patient.
* Please write the patient's name on reverse side of your cheque and also your PAN no in case donation is more than Rs.5000/-. The donor should give his/her full postal address and contact numbers if and, along with cheque /draft/cash to enable us to send the receipt of donation.

For Any further queries and suggestions kindly feel free to share with NANHI PARI FOUNDATION

Donations to NANHI PARI FOUNDATION are eligible for 50 % tax Exemption under Sec 80-G Income tax Act 1956.


How you can help us

Just call at 96642 78673 to make a donation