1. Building relationships to increase & understand the unity among peoples of different cultures & respect the girl.

2. Promoting the rights and interests of the Girl Child & have a right to adequate prenatal & post-natal care

3. Aims is to achieve lasting improvements in the quality life of GIRL CHILD deprived children in developing countries through a process that unites people across cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives by promoting the rights and interests of the Girl Child.

4. AIM is every GIRLD CHILD has the right from the birth to a name & nationality.

5. Every girl child have right to education, develop abilities, adequate nutrition, adequate medical care, right to parental affection, love, understanding.

6. Every Girl Child have a right to enjoy full opportunity for play and recreation.

Child Rights In India

A girl especially is more vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse. The poor economic conditions of family households, cultural and social practices and prevalence of child marriage are the significant reasons for girls leaving school early and the decline of their education, which in turn reduces opportunity. It can also lead to early pregnancy which is a substantial health risk. The health of girls who are sexually exploited is also at high risk as they are more likely to contract life threatening diseases.

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